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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 19:43:22 -0700

Hi Barbara, I allways try to keep my pics under 200 kb's That is plenty large 
enough and they load pretty quick for us poor folks that are stuck with dialup 
access. It took your 455 kb scan about 3 minutes to download in my mail if that 
gives you any idea. My Kingdom for DSL :-)  
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  From: Barbara Schonfeld 
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  Subject: [pcductape] scanning documents

        Hey I just got a new scanner , a hp scanjet 3500c, so I am learning how 
        do this. I have scanned an xray and I would like to send it to someone. 
        When I attach it in attachment, it says 455.9kb 

        Is that too big to send to someone? I don't want to jam up somebody's 
mail, and I don't know much about scanning things myself..so I was hoping 
someone out there could give me a crash course in what size I should keep 
things under. Barbara  
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