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Hi Barbara

When I scan in pictures with my scanner I tend use  400 + resolution and I have 
it set to either Tiff or Bmp file formats for saving scanned images.    When 
sending scanned pictures through email its not what your scanner scans in at, 
it to do with the compression rate of the final picture.    I always if 
possible try to send through email picture files below 50kb.

To achieve this I use a great little program called PicaView 32 for converting 
images to BMP, PCX, JPEG (including progressive JPEG) or TGA  without losing 
image degradation, once they have been scanned and saved to my harddrive.

With the pic you sent I converted it to a bmp ( so as to not to distort the 
image you sent) this sise then was 4.50Mb    I then reconverted it by 
compressing the bmp down to a jpg  using PicaView 32.  The illustration pic is 
saved as a 16 colour bitmap and the converted to gif with another little 
program that I use called IrfanView so as to make it smaller in sise this 
screen shot is just 21.1kb but you do lose colour but its great for sending 
screen shots explaining in visual detail.

Now the X-ray file is the same width and height of the one you sent at 455kb   
But the sise of it now is 30.5kb, 

If you want to try this program the you can download it from here its on my 
home page   http://homepage.ntlworld.com/zona01/pvu32131.exe    this file is 

same applies to the IranView
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/zona01/IrfanView.zip      this file is 392kb

Hope this helps



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Hey I just got a new scanner , a hp scanjet 3500c, so I am learning how to
do this. I have scanned an xray and I would like to send it to someone. 
When I attach it in attachment, it says 455.9kb 

Is that too big to send to someone? I don't want to jam up somebody's mail, and 
I don't know much about scanning things myself..so I was hoping someone out 
there could give me a crash course in what size I should keep things under.  

GIF image

JPEG image

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