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That would be possible too, if you copy over everything , and I mean
everything, the problem being that even under DOS you have tyo use a set of
special orders to get everything across. You will of course not have a
pagefile on the other partition.
I think you have to use the DOS command  xcopy /R,I,C,H,K,E,Y  or something


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Cheers for the reply Victor,
I like to partition my hard drive could I copy all the info or rather copy
partition C: Drive to say partition H: Drive,  using dos therefore when I
format I would only need to format C:Drive and then use dos to copy the
partition H: Drive back to C:

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I am sorry to disappoint you in part - coz no way you are going to be able
to put all your c: partition on a restore disk. The only caveat to that
sentence is if that disk is another hard disk - and then all you have to do
is "ghost" your current c: to the other empty hard disk and presto - you
have a full backup just in case. When trouble strikes all you have to do is
open up the comp, swap hard disks, reboot and your up and running.
What I do is , after doing a basic install of my OS and minimal
configuration of new system - 
1. Make an image of my c: on another partition of my hard disks [I have
300GB of hard disks on my comp]
2. All the programs and updates [including MS updates] I first download to
my comp and only then are installed. After I have about 600mb of updates and
programs I burn them to a CD , those CD'd are stored away.
3. I run a weekly back-up job that backs up all the new docs and data on my
comp - these too are thrown onto a CD .
In this fashion - if something goes seriously awry it normally doesn't take
me too long to bring my system back to life.

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