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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 15:53:03 -0700

Hi Trapper; Chuck here,
  I?m going to butt in again, one other possibility is; when you open
the ?start? menu (or the task bar menu, I forget), is there an entry
that has a check
in front of ?Customized menu? or some wording to that effect (Uncheck
it, then F5 to refresh) .  I seem to remember that XP tends to ?Hide?
entries and even icons that don?t get used.
BTW Trapper when did you modernize from DOS ;-))??  And I?m still
using Win98SE.

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 Hi Eric;
Yeah bob probably drowned it in the dang river when he rolled his
Yes I can access the "run using the windows key + R...
but the only problem is this..in  " Start menu" it is gone even though
it is checked off...under the classic start menu it appears just
I haven't a clue what Bob was doing to my "run" while he was under the
water with no helmet on I might add..but eat another Sarmie and get
back to me..
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From: Eric Skeen <mailto:northcom@xxxxxxxxxx>
Bob took it and ran??

Trapper, on the assumption you're still running XP, hold down the
Windows key on your keyboard (between left Ctrl & Alt buttons) and
depress the R button. You should get the "Run" box. Dunno how to get
it back into your Start menu tho', I've never lost mine.

Hang.... just found out. Right click on the Start button, go to
Properties. Select Customize, then click on Advanced. Scroll down the
window until you find "Run" and place a check mark next to it. OK your
way out of there. Bingo! Run should once more be visible.
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my run command from the start menu is missing..anyone know where it
went and how to get it back???
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