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Hi Elaine,
  After reading how to s and people letting me know how to do it, a friend of 
mine that is the technical recording area of the musical industry, told me the 
easy way to do it.  I ran a cable from the headphone jack of the stereo into 
the sound card. Now be sure to have the volume on stereo way down. We use roxio 
and within that program their are special settings to go for vinyl and also 
tapes. It has normalizer availabe, as well as scractch and hiss, pop. Many 
options. Now he only hooks this up when he is doing this , thus safety sake 
just incase one of my kids decides to run the stereo. So far my husband has 
been real happy with results. It takes a while to get your setting s just 
right. And he saves them to hard drive first, then does them to cd. Hope this 
helps, any other questions -just ask. He has done approximately 10 tapes so far 
and 6 albms. Of course remember if the tape or record is in horrible shape,,it 
might be able to be improved, but tremendously. Also he cleans records before 
playing so that helps with the dust.  Barbara
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  Hi Barbara

  How did you do that,  hook up the pc to the stereo sounds like a good Idea as 
I have hundreds of cassette tapes

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       Hey do you still have that tape I sent you? I finally got around to 
hooking hubby's computer up to the stereo, so now I can make a cd of that tape. 
Drop me a line, when you get time. Sorry I lost your address in the midst of a 
new harddrive switch over.. Barbara

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