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Hi Carl,
Oh, so it's the stores that are so big.
Well, here in California, our stores aren't so big, but they do stock them with
many items, just the same.  We can find almost anything in this area.
:O).....cause we have a lot of little stores.

I think I remember seeing dried cherries in one of those supper wally stores,
somewhere in my travels.  And I just know Texas must have one of the hugest
supper wally's around, according to the Texans anyway. :O)

So, keep looking for the cherries. They are pretty tasty too. Not like fresh

Bob Noble
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| Hi Bob,
| I do recall seeing dried apricots in our Kroger & HEB stores but I've never
| seen dried cherries.   I'll try again.   Last time I looked (about a year
| ago) I could not find the dried cherries but I did find some dried prunes
| and thinking that they might work I got some.   They worked ok but not for
| my gout!
| Pam is right about it takes hours to walk across our grocery stores here in
| Texas.   Our stores are so big here in Texas most folks rent a golf cart

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