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The stores are so big, Bob, that that's why we can't find everything.  Takes
hours to walk across the store!


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Hi Carl,
I'm not sure your doc is right about the grape juice.
I think he is relating it to the high tannin content in red wine.
I don't think there is much in grape juice, as they are made from table type
grapes that are a sweater type.

You should be able to find dried cherries in most stores by now, as they've
around for around five years or so.
 Look around the section in vegetables where dried fruit is.

I think Costco has some where their dried fruit packaging is.

I thought Texas had everything and it was bigger too. :O) I know, the
are so big, you can't find them. Look for the basketball size fruit out in
middle of the store. They'll be right next to the dried apricots, which
be about the size of beach balls. :O) I don't really see why things are so
to find down there, since everything is so large.

I too eat as many fresh cherries as I can when they are in season.
And I don't have Gout. :O) So, they must work.

Bob Noble

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