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OK Carl, to answer your tech question. The cherries are pitted with a cherry
pitter of course. A small hand held one can be purchased at most kitchen type
stores, or hand crank ones in the catalogs.  Me, I have this method that I throw
cherries in the mouth from the front, and spit the seeds out the side. I can eat
a lot of cherries. :O)

I know I've seen dried cherries in bulk in our Safeway store. Do you have those?
I'll have to look next time I'm in Costco. Maybe they don't think you Texans
like dried cherries.

You could always type in dried cherries in your favorite search engine.

Bob Noble
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| Hi Bob,
| Yes, Texas has Super Wally in most areas.    The company will build a Super
| Walmart right across the street from the old store which will stay empty for
| many months.    They did this in Atascocita, Ennis and Humble, Texas to name
| just a few.
| Hey Bob, I do have a technical question which is when one buys fresh
| cherries as a fruit, the cherries all have seeds in the middle of the fruit
| but when one buys a jar of cherries to cook with, the seeds are all removed.
| How do they remove the seeds?
| Btw, I went online at Costco.com to see if I could order dried cherries via
| Internet but I could not find any.    Any suggestions?
| Carl

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