[pcductape] Re: [pcductape]=20's again

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:14:04 -0600

Ya gotta wonder why they would even offer such a setting.  Unless it is a
leftover from the way old email programs handled things because it is no
longer necessary to tell the browser that information.


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>This is from the a Microsoft K article, when I did a search.
>When a message is sent using "Plain Text, Quoted Printable"
>format, an equal
>sign is added to the end of the line to let the browser know that the line
>continues. Therefore, there is only one quote character at the
>beginning of each
>paragraph quoted.
>The main purpose of "Plain Text, Quoted Printable" format is to
>allow for line
>wrapping. When you send mail on the Internet, you can send only 80
>characters on
>a line of text. To provide word-wrap capability, the lines are packaged in
>"Plain Text, Quoted Printable" format. This ends each line with an
>equal sign to
>indicate that it continues to the next line.
>Bob Noble
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>| I have conducted web searches of the "=20's"  problem and came
>up empty.  When
>I query the Microsoft knowledgedatabase, it came back with several
>but none were related.    It is unusual that this problem is not better
>documented.   :-)
>| Carl
>| ps, I think Pam knows more about the issue than the rest of us
>together.   :-)
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>|   "Proud to be 100% Microsoft free!"
>|    GUESS I am going to have to take back every thing I ever said
>about them
>ha! My kind of guys  :-) least technically...!
>|   Are you saying because they are Linux and we are MS using HTM
>that we are in
>conflict??? Thus the 20's????
>|   Anyone ever been able to do a web search for this problem..?
>|   I think Bob tried but came up with next to nothing?
>|   If this is a old problem I would have thought it would have been well
>documented? Appears like we have discovered a brand new, almost
>never heard of
>problem, Which I doubt.
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