[pcductape] Re: [pcductape]=20's again

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:03:31 -0800

This is from the a Microsoft K article, when I did a search.

When a message is sent using "Plain Text, Quoted Printable" format, an equal
sign is added to the end of the line to let the browser know that the line
continues. Therefore, there is only one quote character at the beginning of each
paragraph quoted.

The main purpose of "Plain Text, Quoted Printable" format is to allow for line
wrapping. When you send mail on the Internet, you can send only 80 characters on
a line of text. To provide word-wrap capability, the lines are packaged in
"Plain Text, Quoted Printable" format. This ends each line with an equal sign to
indicate that it continues to the next line.

Bob Noble
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| I have conducted web searches of the "=20's"  problem and came up empty.  When
I query the Microsoft knowledgedatabase, it came back with several "articles"
but none were related.    It is unusual that this problem is not better
documented.   :-)
| Carl
| ps, I think Pam knows more about the issue than the rest of us together.   :-)
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|   Subject: [pcductape] Re: [pcductape]=20's again
|   "Proud to be 100% Microsoft free!"
|    GUESS I am going to have to take back every thing I ever said about them
ha! My kind of guys  :-) least technically...!
|   Are you saying because they are Linux and we are MS using HTM that we are in
conflict??? Thus the 20's????
|   Anyone ever been able to do a web search for this problem..?
|   I think Bob tried but came up with next to nothing?
|   If this is a old problem I would have thought it would have been well
documented? Appears like we have discovered a brand new, almost never heard of
problem, Which I doubt.

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