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MessageSee what you all can glean form this article:
This article has not explained to us anything that we are not all aware of..

What I picked up ( in Blue ) is that not all emails  read the html. From there 
on it is anybody's guess. So if they reply to a msg and send it back they same 
way it came in it multiplies.
Now here is the kicker...Is it HTML fault or the guy whose machine won't read 
another example would be is it my fault you don't have the adobe acrobat reader 
loaded and can't read the PDF files?? Think not!

I looked at a lot of email in the examples of errors  and did not see one 
example of the 20's. So for now until someone can prove to me what is causing 
it I am believing it is as simple as someone who can't read the html on their 
machine is sending back the errors and I am not blaming the HTML for it, but 
rather the inefficiency of the other computers software.

Many E-mail and Usenet News reader programs, usually the mail and news reader 
programs that come with browser packages, allow users to include binary 
attachments (MIME or other encoding) or HTML (normally found on web pages) 
within their E-mail messages. This makes URLs into clickable links and it means 
that graphic images, formatting, and even color coded text can also be included 
in E-mail messages. While this makes your E-mail interesting and pretty to look 
at, it can cause problems for other people who receive your E-mail because they 
may use different E-mail programs, different computer systems, and different 
application programs whose files are often not fully compatible with each 
other. Any of these can cause trouble with in-line HTML (or encoded 
attachments). Most of the time all they see is the actual HTML code behind the 
message. And if someone replies to the HTML formatted message, the quoting can 
render the message even more unreadable. In some cases, the message is nothing 
but strange looking text. For this reason, many mailing lists especially those 
that provide a digest version, explicitly forbid the use of HTML formatted 
e-mail. See examples section. 

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Good point Steve,

Let's all wrap our messages at 55.


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  So Trapper it only shows up when you run a line to long?

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