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I keep telling you that it has nothing to do with the 20's.

" + " 

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Subject: [pcductape] Re: [pcductape]=20's again

Hi Pam,
The Quoted Printable is the part that seems to put the =20's on.
But I don't know how it keeps getting back in there.

Bob Noble
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| So far, only on Sandi's. Notice the 3 lines it prints before it prints her
| message too.
| Sandi, I know you were using html emails.
| The charset="Windows-1252" is the Windows equivalent of industry standard
| ISO-8859-1. Though they are almost identical they are not identical. It
| seems I remember reading that freelists is run on linux servers.  They
| proudly display a button on their main page that says "Proud to be 100%
| Microsoft free!"
| I imagine that is where the problem is this time.
| Pam

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