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hey..lonjg time no hear..how is it going for you there Bill
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  Guess "mr." Firestone should ignore any help requests I might present to this 
group since he can safely assume that I'm one of those lesser informed members. 
 In fact, I'm surprised that someone of such lofty status bothers to belong to 
this list at all, since most of it's members are obviously beneath him.  But 
since he is, in fact, quite knowledgeable I'm sure he has helped more than a 
few of us and we are humbly grateful. 

  In a message dated 4/6/2004 3:15:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Victor 
Firestone writes: 

    //Snipped// otherwise the problem is escalated to the higher echelons 
[where people like me sit] and we hit the roof if a problem is thrown at us 
which turns out was some silly oversight made by someone on the way up.

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