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Hi Matt,
I just got back from a trip and catching up.
I helped someone setup their new Compaq computer a while ago. It had the
recovery program on the d: drive also. And it didn't come with a xp cd.

It had a program in it that would let you make one copy of the recover. It took
six cds or one dvd.  It would only let  you make one copy.
I'm not sure were I accessed this program. It may have been under, start, all
programs, accessories, system tools. Or check help.
If one loses their hard drive, they will need this recovery stuff.

Bob Noble
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> In a message dated 8/20/04 5:01:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> B4Wingler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Drive D should contain an "Emergency Restore" set of files which should
> > restore the computer to it factory (original) state.
> You are correct.  An old HP tech contacted me and explained this - - - so I
> used the HP system restore and lo and behold, the remaining viruses were gone.
> Thanks everyone for you help,  Jupiter Matt

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