[pcductape] Re: password problem 7-15-04

  • From: Scott McNay <wizard@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: Carl <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 22:33:37 -0500

Hi Carl,

Thursday, July 15, 2004, 9:43:18 PM, you wrote:

C> The commands "shutdown -r" and "shutdown -s" both revealed my login name to
C> be administrator and I can login ok to safe mode.   Still cannot get to
C> regular mode.   I did check regedit and discovered about 53 instances of
C> "administrator" in the registry and decided not to delete any.

I was wondering if it would do the reboot-without-ok thing that you

C> I thought I read somewhere that the passwords of Windows xp home are stored
C> in a .SAM file.   I wonder if I delete that file and reboot to regular mode?

Your problem is not with the password.  If it were, you wouldn't be
able to log on in safe mode.  Your problem is with policies, or some
similar setting, which prohibits you from logging on.

You said that you have no restore points from before that time.  Let's
make certain.  Go to "C:\System Volume Information".  Look in all
folders which start with "_restore".  You'll see folders named RPnnn,
where nnn is a number.  See if you can find one dated before the
problem occurred.  If you don't, skip the rest of this email.

If you can't get into "C:\System Volume Information", right-click on
it, select the Security tab, and add Administrator to the list of
people who have access.  Save and go look again.

If you find a folder dated before the problem occurred (note the names
of all of them that do, just in case), go download Ultimate Boot CD
from http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/ (or use a similar product if you
have one already) and burn to CD. Boot from the CD, select the second
option, and then select Offline NTFS editor. Tell it that your Windows
folder is C:\. If you tell the truth, this won't work. Navigate to the
folder that you found, then go to the "snapshot" folder, then copy
(don't move unless you're a masochist) all of the REGISTRY_MACHINE_*
files to c:\windows\system32\config. Rename the existing SAM,
SECURITY, SOFTWARE, and SYSTEM files to something else (DON'T delete
unless you're a masochist), and rename the REGISTRY_MACHINE_ files to
take their place.

Heck, we already know you're a masochist for trying so hard...  ;)

If you have another drive or partition in the system, I'd just
reinstall Windows into that partition (a fresh install), and move all
of my settings, files, etc., over from the dying incarnation.  That's
what I usually do once or twice a year.


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