[pcductape] Re: pam's network is part fixed !!! =) Heads up Dee

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  • Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 17:14:50 -0500

Great job to you both!  Sometimes it's the simplest things that hang us up.  
Win98 should be easy compared to this.  :-)

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  YeeeeHaaaaa !!!  (That's the Texan coming out in me)
  The XP box now has access to ICS !!!
  Yiippppeeeee !!  (That's the kid coming out in me)

  And the solution was simple. Here's how I did it:

  Set the DNS server IP as if not already set on the machine
  acting as server.

   Switch off internet sharing, located in the dial up properties.
   Change the IP of the LAN card to
   switch on Internet sharing again.
  ... If that works, you should get a complaint from the Internet Sharing that
  the local lan card has to be and it will set it to that for you.

  Then, on the client machine set the network to obtain IP automatically.

  I attached a shot of the final TCP/IP properties for the network.

  It worked for me.

  Now to begin the quest for connection on the 98 box.

  Thanks Bob for your persistence with me so far.  Are you up for another
  round, same game, different players?  ;-)


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