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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 16:36:24 -0400

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| ok so our original topica.com will take off topic and it will also take on
topic stuff..right? So I I just send everything out to pcductape@xxxxxxxxxx
be it off topic or on topic..I should be ok..right?
| so then why are we using freelist? is that for folks who don;t want to be
bothered reading the other junk that is off topic.
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|   Hi Trapper,
|   It isn't that we aren't marking the off topic threads properly, its that
we are not suppose to post off topic stuff at freelists at all.  We MUST use
the topica list for off topic threads.  The freelists list is for
computer-related-only, no-chit-chat topics.  Change your address book so
that anything that may be off topic will be sent to the TOPICA list.
|   Pam
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|     I changed in my address book the display to say off topic, it should
send out to the freelist addy. so I just type in the "to" off topic and away
it goes..I hope

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