[pcductape] Re: now networking properties

  • From: "Bob Noble" <bnoble@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 00:19:11 -0800

Hi Pam,
I think there is a problem here.
You have dns servers checked, likely by default, but no dns servers listed.
It says they must be listed. If you click on the ? box at the top of the window
and then click on the dns server thing it will say so, but I don't know what
servers to put in here.  As it is, mine has my isp's servers from something I
was working on before I think, likely trying to get my network to go.

You could try your isp's server numbers in here for lack of what else to put in

Let"s try the advanced button on the general tab and also the properties on the
client for Microsoft network on this page.

Bob Noble
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| Network properties and network tcp/ip
| >>
| >
| >Hi Pam,
| >Had to learn a bit about the IPSEC.
| >Since you have it turned off, no need to worry about it. :O)
| >
| >The compression thing is ok off.
| >
| >Next I think it's time to check out the network properties of the
| >network card.
| >
| >Did I miss anything on the dialup stuff?
| >
| >
| >Bob Noble

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