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Hi Eric,

It sure takes a bunch to keep you guys (this list) active.  It would seem
that no one has questions or stuff to share these days.  Hmmm.  Guess that
means we are all just good, eh !!!  =)

I came across this info this morning.  Thought some of you all might find it

When you open up Windows Explorer, either from the Start Menu or
by using the Windows Key + E hotkey, it always opens up the same.
There are some shortcuts that you can make that will change that
explorer.exe /n
Opens Windows Explorer in single-pane view, which is similar to
the view you see when you open My Computer.
explorer.exe /e
Opens Windows Explorer in multipane view, which is the view used
when you open Windows Explorer from the default Windows Explorer
shortcut on the Start menu.
explorer.exe /root, c:\
Specifies the folder that you want Windows Explorer to use as the
root for the view. You can change the part that has c:\ to
anything you want.
explorer.exe /select, c:\command.com
Makes Windows Explorer select the file or folder specified.
You can also combine several of these and separate them with a
comma ",". For instance, if you wanted to open up Windows
Explorer in multipane view, with a root of c:\windows and you
wanted your cookies
folder highlighted, you would use the following command:
explorer.exe /e, /root, c:\windows, /select, c:\windows\cookies


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All together now....

"HI PAM!!!"

Things are very quiet when Trapper hibernates...

That Guy In Africa...
ICQ#  39461303
~ Greetings from Sunny South Africa ~
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Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.  Everyone is so quiet lately.

Bob, did you find the solution to your shut down problem with XP?

Trapper, are you back yet?

Carl, if you plan to go to the BBQ cookoff thing at the astrodome this
weekend let me know.  My brother is on team up there.  You can tell him hi
for me.

Steve, did you get your site problems worked out?

Sandi, how much snow are you getting?

Martha, Elaine, Eric, Scott, Victor, David, Dee, Ken, Nick, Lisa, and
everyone else...... hi !


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