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  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:27:03 -0800

Hi Pam,
No, I haven't got  it fixed yet. :o)

It's just a nuisance, so not that big of a problem.
Besides, I've been too busy getting my yard ready for spring, which seems to be
here already.  :O)

Speaking of BBQ, I know a few of those guys.
I was at the 2001 meet in Carlsbad, NM, which was where about a hundred people
from a BBQ list called The Porch met. We had a great time and I did some good
eating. :O)

Well, back out to the yard to do some more work.

Bob Noble
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| Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.  Everyone is so quiet lately.
| Bob, did you find the solution to your shut down problem with XP?
| Trapper, are you back yet?
| Carl, if you plan to go to the BBQ cookoff thing at the astrodome this
| weekend let me know.  My brother is on team up there.  You can tell him hi
| for me.

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