[pcductape] not getting mail

  • From: DGrell7446@xxxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 15:03:00 EDT

Hi all
   All of the sudden I am not getting mail from this group (and alot of my 
other groups too) I know that you folks are all still out there. I have the 
feeling that AOhell is black listing alot of groups / possibly servers or IP 
addresses. I have made sure that I have  turned off AOhell's spam filter so 
would not happen (did this along time ago).  
   I am so mad cause I have missed so much, I am very interested in Deb's web 
design classes she has been doing through this group. 
    Sandy can you look to see if I have been bouncing mail. If you say that I 
have AOhell is going to get the a** chewing like there is no tomorrow!!
    I have been trying to hold out till Gmail gets out of beta and then that 
is where I am going with my mail. Carl (I think it is you that is beta testing 
Gmail), is Gmail out of beta testing yet?
   Miss all of you very much

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