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  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:30:52 -0500

There are many viruses these days that use this tactic. It doesn't mean that
you have a virus. It means that a virus somewhere, on someone else's
machine, has randomly chosen your address to say that it is "From".

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  isn't that wonderful//see nothing has changed in the computer world since
I have left. Same ole garbage..
  Do you happen to know the name of this virus and if the AVG will get rid
of it for me...
  Come to think of it I am sure I am way behind in the virus update dept...
  Will have to fix that ASAP.

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    Hey Trapper,

    A new virus causes that;   it will send itself to names in your address
book using a fake sender's address (yours) and the email is rejected on the
other end by filters, etc.

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      Anyone know why or what to do about email I am getting returned to me
form the postmaster " saying "Your message cannot be delivered to the
following recipients:"

      Problem is I never ever sent a msg to them in the first place? Haven't
a clue who they are..Getting several of them /day now.

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