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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 10:34:57 -0400

Barbara hi,
Does your mouse have a pushbutton on the side of the mouse ?
We had one like that--pushing that button or holding it in while pressing
the "left" or "righthand" mouse button would sequence/or toggle the mouse
through its various modes- ie; " vertical---horizontal---normal.
It was a pain cause the grandkids were always inadvertently hitting it .
If you have no such button, then since there must be a way to get your mouse
into its modes, perhaps simultaneously pressing  left & right button, or
perhaps holding one button down while pressing the other, etc, might , be a
solution. Just a guess.
Hope this helps.

best regards,                  Ray Spitz

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my tinkering ..switched mouses, rebooted, fiddled around in mouse settings
using keyboard, because mouse couldnt move to the right areas needed. I
might check in assesibilities... when it comes to my youngest son. he;s 5, i
never know what he might have done to get this thing messed up . Then the 12
year old does his own thing on it too. This is the compaq I reinstalled
windows on a couple of weeks ago.. so may have to do it agian..

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