[pcductape] Re: mouse troubles

  • From: "Bob Noble" <bnoble@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 12:59:25 -0700

Hi Barb,
No, go to control panel, mouse and see if there is a setting wrong.

If you find a setting for that and it is right, try changing it and back again.

It is also possible, something got set in accessibility, so you might check
there also.

Now, maybe it's time to reload windows over the top of itself.

The funny part of this to me is that you said you were able to make it change to
the other direction after doing some tinkering.
What tinkering? :O)
Bob Noble
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From: "Barbara Schonfeld" <bschonfeld@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [pcductape] Re: mouse troubles

okay I did f8 safe mode ., removed mouse, reboot, reinstall...no luck. did it
again, used different mouse.  same problem..mouse is registering, but only moves
up and down, even when i move mouse side ways..still up and down.  so I guess I
should just install windows over it. what do you think??

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