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Hi Sandi,
That's a good way to look at memory usage. Thanks,
Bob Noble
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I was thinking that maybe one of the sticks could have gone bad.  Try
pulling them both out, clean the contacts and put them back in.  The only
other thing I can think of would be to monitor what is taking up your
resources.  I have a GB of RAM but my system was locking up and freezing for
no reason that I could see.  I have a small clock utility that shows free
RAM in the system tray and I noticed that when this was happening my RAM was
dropping from 754MB free to 4MB.  What I did was open up the task manager
and clicked on the Processes tab then clicked on the bar that says "Mem
Usage" so that it would put the heaviest load on top.  Then I sat and
watched for a little while until the RAM on the systray showed a very high
load and what do I find?  Indexing service had been turned on by one of the
MS updates!!!  I shut it down then went into Services from Start/All
Programs/Administrative Tools and used it to disable the service.  Things
run a lot smoother now.

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