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MessageI was sort of hoping you meant through your web site because web
hosts often offer email services with a single administrator, which could be
you.  You could then manage your email accounts, delete those who leave, add
those who come.  That would be the easiest way.
Ok, so if we are dealing with earthlink, perhaps they offer a similar
ability.  Have you checked?


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  Yes that is it Pam,
  And no it is set up at earthlink, I think.
  I know we could just go in and have earthlink point it to their email ,
but these guys and women come and go,
  and we would be on the phone to earthlink a lot.
  Not to mention, if they are responding or not.
  What do you have in mind?

  Are you meaning something like:


  Is this email using your website name, such as
preacherSteve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ?


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