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Hi Chuck, and all who answered.
Well these ministry head will use the computers at home that they have set
up to get there mail their ISP has set up for them.
I need a way to direct and control the flow of incoming church mail and auto
send it to the appropriate department heads.
as of now it is just bouncing, as no one is set up to get any of it.
We have about 25 ministry heads, each has a different email address.
I really didn't want it all dumping into one outlook account.
for everyone to read.
I think there is an answer, that is software. what do you think.
I can't train them all as it would be to difficult to have them all in one
place at once.
Or I would just have them use www.e-mailaccountanywhere.com
Once it is pulled off the server the problem would be solved.
But we feel there should be some monitoring, to make sure people are at
least get and responding to the incoming email.
Not spying just making sure someone cares and at least response.
Now it is all just bouncing, as none of the ministry heads have a clue on
how to get it.
So that sit folks.
A little long winded I am sorry.
But I hope I will get some ideas, answers, and be able to work on it come
Monday morning.

Hi Steve; Chuck here,

  Are all your ministers on their own machines or are you talking about 3 or
4 machines, or just one??


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Why not add Outlook Express 6 to each minister's computer and establish a
different profile for each minister?



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Anyone had any experience with mail servers, 

My church's running Windows 2000, NT.

And want to set up a mail server so the different ministers , 24 in all,

 can log in and get mail sent to them.

I need some ideas.


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