[pcductape] Re: low resources on fresh boot up

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 18:32:55 -0500

online virus scanners; they will scan all the files on your hard drive for a
Norton Web Services  
Go to this page and click on Scan for Viruses
It needs to download a few file so as to activate the scan so you may see a
message like this.
"The Scan for Viruses uses an ActiveX program to scan your computer. The
download is approximately 1.5MB and can take about 10 minutes over a 28.8
The scan can take more than 20 minutes depending on the speed of your
computer and the number of files that you have. Please do not browse away
from this page unless you intend to abort the scan. 
Downloading Scan for Viruses controls. Please wait... 
During the download, you might see one or more messages asking if it is OK
to download and run these programs. Click Yes when these messages appear.
Note: Scan for Viruses does not scan compressed files"

Trend Micro HouseCall  
www.housecall.antivirus.com <http://www.housecall.antivirus.com> 
"Trend Micro's free online virus scanner 
In order to better serve our customers, we ask HouseCall users to register
before scanning their computer.  By registering, you will receive virus
alerts from our team of Virus Doctors. You will be able to unsubscribe when
you receive your first email. You can also scan without registering"
PC Pitstop Virus Scan 
Our free Web-based virus scan uses Panda Software's award-winning technology
and virus list. We're checking against the "wildlist," the roughly 200
viruses that are most prevalent in the world in a given month

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Subject: [pcductape] Re: low resources on fresh boot up

Well, housecalls online AV won't load to be able to run.  I've tried half
dozen times and it stops at 95% every time.  Anyone know of another one to
try? Also, could the AOL connection have have anything to do with the

Thanks David and Troy.  I've already located a couple of spyware pirates.  
And there's a passle full of things I don't recognize running.  I'm off to
check this stuff out.  

I would definitely look at the MSCONFIG.  You can compare what ever is
checked/listed against these sites.  They will tell you what each of those
items do.
Hope these sites help...

I think msconfig works on me, I would take all from startup from running,
restart and see where you are at and then isolate the culprit. :>)

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From: Pam [mailto:ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [pcductape] low resources on fresh boot up

Hey All,
I'm looking at a machine running ME, that when freshly booted, claims to
have only 8% resources free and warns that some programs won't run.  
His original complaint is that he can no longer cut or copy, and paste.
He's running AOL 8.0 and he's right, you can't, but when I opened MS Works,
I could highlight but copy or cut was not in the right click options.  I
tried CTRL C and it copied just fine, and then tried right click again and
Paste was available.  Ok, so it looks like that complaint depends on which
program you are in.
I am currently attempting to run an online virus scan on the machine to
eliminate any question there.  He's running something called System Suite 4,
but I don't find a way to update it.... yet.  Anyone know if it auto
He's got LOTS of stuff on his machine that he's downloaded but the hdd shows
only about 10% full.  I haven't even begun to explore that yet because the
system resources caught my attention.
I'm going to clean up the temp files and such too.  
Need LOTS of suggestions on what to look at and look for.  I know nothing
about the ME operating system.

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