[pcductape] Re: low resources on fresh boot up

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 15:14:20 -0600

I would definitely look at the MSCONFIG.  You can compare what ever is 
checked/listed against these sites.  They will tell you what each of those 
items do.





Hope these sites help...

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  I think msconfig works on me, I would take all from startup from running, 
restart and see where you are at and then isolate the culprit. :>)
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    Hey All,
    I'm looking at a machine running ME, that when freshly booted, claims to 
have only 8% resources free and warns that some programs won't run.  

    His original complaint is that he can no longer cut or copy, and paste.  
He's running AOL 8.0 and he's right, you can't, but when I opened MS Works, I 
could highlight but copy or cut was not in the right click options.  I tried 
CTRL C and it copied just fine, and then tried right click again and Paste was 
available.  Ok, so it looks like that complaint depends on which program you 
are in.

    I am currently attempting to run an online virus scan on the machine to 
eliminate any question there.  He's running something called System Suite 4, 
but I don't find a way to update it.... yet.  Anyone know if it auto updates?

    He's got LOTS of stuff on his machine that he's downloaded but the hdd 
shows only about 10% full.  I haven't even begun to explore that yet because 
the system resources caught my attention.

    I'm going to clean up the temp files and such too.  

    Need LOTS of suggestions on what to look at and look for.  I know nothing 
about the ME operating system.


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