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Look at it as a tool we once didn't have and accepted the unknown.  Now we
dont' have to.  =)


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>Well,........... I was in bed asleep and a storm came over and the
>lightening caused such noise that it woke me.   I think it must have hit a
>tree in the neighborhood.   I jumped up and checked the local weather.com
>site to see how bad the storm is and it's bad, but it moved very fast.   In
>minutes the storm had passed;   but I'm still here.   Now, back to bed.
>It is weird how our values change with technology.     Before computers and
>Internet, a storm would have created little need to know how bad it was;
>we just accepted the storm as a gift from God who was sending
>water to earth
>and we didn't think twice about a storm except to avoid high
>water.   Now, I
>find myself checking weather.com every time a storm gets near.    I seem to
>have forgotten what will be, will be;   let the Lord have his way.   :-)

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