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  • Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 20:57:45 -0600

Sure you do.   Open Explorer, find a jpg or tif or bmp file
and right click it and select "Preview" and the next window
should offer for you to select the program to open the file
and use "Windows Picture & Fax Viewer" and select the option
to use it for all photo files.   I think Windows Picture & Fax
Viewer is Kodak.


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  From: Sandi
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  I wasn't aware that there was such an animal in XP.  I just
did a full reinstall and I don't have it.

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    From: Elaine
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    Subject: [pcductape] kodak imaging

    Hi All

    Can some one tell me where to find Kodak imaging on
windows XP?


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