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Being sent email that you do not want?  use the in-built filtering capabilities 
of your mail client to automatically delete or move the email to a different 
mail folder.
Setting up a blocked senders list in Outlook Express

  1) Click "tools". 
  2) Click "Message Rules". 
  3) Click "Blocked Senders List". 
  4) Click the "ADD" button. 
  5) Enter the domain or email address and click the "OK" button. 
  6) Click the "OK" button. 
  7) The email address or domain should now be added to the list. 

Setting up a Message Rule in Outlook Express

  1) Decide what kind of criteria you wish to use to filter your messages - a 
particular word in a subject or in the body of the message. 
  2) Click "Tools". 
  3) Click "Message Rules". 
  4) Click on "Mail". 
  5) Click on "NEW". 
  6) Select the conditions for the rule by placing a tick in the blank box next 
to a condition  - usually acting on either Subject or Body. 
  7) Select an action for the rule by placing a tick in a blank box next to the 
action - you can choose things such as moving the message to a different 
folder, deleting a mail once it has been downloaded or in order to preserve 
bandwidth you may choose to delete the mail directly from the mail server 
without downloading it. 
  8) Click "OK". 
  9) Click "OK". 

Setting up filtering in Netscape Messenger 
If you are using Netscape Messenger as your default mail client you may be able 
to set up a filter based on the content of the email. The following information 
may be of some use in setting up a filter:
  1) Click "Tools". 
  2) Click "Message Filters". 
  3) Select the relevant mailbox from the drop down menu. 
  4) Click "New". 
  5) In "Filter Name" enter a name for the filter you wish to create. 
  6) Select the criteria that you wish the filter to look for. Usually based on 
Subject, Sender or Body and Contains. 
  7) Enter the keyword that you wish the filter to look for in the space 
  8) Choose the action - usually delete the message. 
  9) Click "OK". 
  10) Make sure that there is a tick in the enabled check box. 
  11) Close the filters box by clicking the cross in the top right.

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