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Hi Scott,
Believe it or not, there was a copyright notice on every single page of the
site.  After that episode I began watermarking every full image, but not the
thumbnails, which aren't very good quality anyway.  I haven't gone back and
watermarked the older images yet.  Some people have a LOT of nerve, and very
little moral values.


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Hi De,

Monday, November 17, 2003, 3:09:58 PM, you wrote:

Dac> then I can see this folder on the CD. The default settings in
Dac> Windows is "not to show system or hidden files".

I sure wouldn't want to lay bets on how many people still had it off.
Anyone capable of snitching someone else's grqaphics for their catalog
is probably more than capable of finding hidden images on a CD.

Pam, another idea would be to matermark all of your images. You'd also
post a copyright notice where it will be plainly seen. If you suspect
copying, just check to see if the image is identical. If it's not
identical, supposedly a watermark can be detected even if the file has
been modified. Some files, such as JPG, also have a comments field or
which can be used for comments or copyright.


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