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You do not state what version of Windows you are using. Sounds like you
might have a corrupt Autoexec.bat or Config.Sys file. If you're using Win98,
then type "MSCONFIG" in the Start / Run  Box and disable these two files.

What Soundcard are you using? I seem to remember that the SoundBlaster Live
Value! card calls for DOS emulation. This can also be removed in either the
Config or Autoexec files, I forget offhand which. If this is the case,
simply place a "rem" before the relevant line in the Autoexec.bat file, or a
";" (semi-colon) before the relevant line in Config.sys.

In all cases above, ignore the "" marks when entering the command.

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  Any one know how I can solve this

  I turn on the comp, after the pci listings I get a message saying "cannot
load DOS!" Press any key ...
  and then the machine restarts.  The system searches the disk about 1-2
minutes but then the message appears again.

  I have gone into the bios and told the computer to boot from IDE-O which
it dose and windows starts up

  Any ideas


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