[pcductape] Re: help for f-prot antivirus

  • From: "Barbara Schonfeld" <bschonfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 07:14:25 -0600

MessageIt is empire monkey also known as stone monkey. I have only dos 6.22 on 
that machine. No cdrom acess yet...so far the instructions I have gotten from 
frisk software international hasnt worked..I followed their instrutions to the 
t to make floppies but with this virus after the floppy is accessed , the 
floppy gets errors and wont go on... so Im going to try something else..what Im 
not sure..still thinking:)) 
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  Hi Barbara,

  I deleted your 1st post which gave the name of the virus you are fighting.   
What was it?

  What is the version Windows on the computer with the virus?

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    Update-1st file from Dave was too old..needed new def..
    then the one for dos. It detected the virus, but I couldnt seem to get it 
to disinfect or delete. I printed out list of switches and such . Then went to 
Frisk Software and found some faq about dos work.Also told me how to put it on 
2 floppies and use it from there. Also told how to get rid of boot sector 
virus.. so tommorrow when my kids are behaving better I will attempt it again . 
 Boy this virus work sucks!  Thanks for all your input..I feel like Im making 
progress...just little by little..Barb

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