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Hi De,
It's good to see more than one thing is getting solved with this discussion. :O)
Your computer, I mean.

Interrupts have been a big problem, ever since they were devised to use.
Everything has to be right about them to work properly, and there has never been
enough of them to really go around. The new sharing is helping a lot, but some
card's software is not always written as well as it could be, to do the sharing
or it might be needing some attention, before the computer can give it and it
will crash.  It's getting better, I note that there are lots in xp, however,
most of the hardware that we have so far, can only use the older ones, so more
isn't helping yet, but sharing is some, especially on the real fast computers.

I'm always challenged by people when I say interrupts might be a problem. But so
far, they still occasionally are. :O)  Anyway, whatever it was that got your
computer going, great. :O)

Bob Noble
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| Hi Pam and Bob
|   Have been following along.
|   When Bob talked about the IRQ settings I went and checked it out on the
| machine with the new NIC. A ton of things were running through the IRQ that
| the NIC wanted to use. So I turned off the unused items to free up IRQs, and
| windows rearranged the hardware IRQs.
|   Then I checked the old machine that connected ok and made sure that it
| still connected. I did rerun the ICS wizard to be sure, made a fresh client
| disk, went to the new NIC ran the client disk ( I ran this client disk over
| the network, not on the new NIC machine ) and viola it connected to the
| internet via IE browser. I made no other configuration changes.
|   I always wondered why I could share files, upload / download files from
| that computer but never could I get the browser to connect to the internet.
| It WORKS now and I am a happy camper.
|   Pam I hope your win98 connects easy for you.
|   All of my machines are win98se.
| De

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