[pcductape] got my ICS to work

  • From: DGrell7446@xxxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:42:28 EST

Hi Pam and Bob
  Have been following along. 
  When Bob talked about the IRQ settings I went and checked it out on the 
machine with the new NIC. A ton of things were running through the IRQ that 
the NIC wanted to use. So I turned off the unused items to free up IRQs, and 
windows rearranged the hardware IRQs.
  Then I checked the old machine that connected ok and made sure that it 
still connected. I did rerun the ICS wizard to be sure, made a fresh client 
disk, went to the new NIC ran the client disk ( I ran this client disk over 
the network, not on the new NIC machine ) and viola it connected to the 
internet via IE browser. I made no other configuration changes.
  I always wondered why I could share files, upload / download files from 
that computer but never could I get the browser to connect to the internet. 
It WORKS now and I am a happy camper.
  Pam I hope your win98 connects easy for you. 
  All of my machines are win98se.

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