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Hi Carl,

That's interesting, I did the same thing, at Google groups and only got the
foreign language sites I mentioned.  I have to laugh about the irony you
mentioned.  For those of you all who don't know Mike Baynes, he is the guy
who's signature line I borrowed, and who is a very knowledgeable person in
virus problems, spyware, and general computer stuff too. How ironic that I
borrow his signature for a problem and now Carl you are telling me that he
inadvertently answered. And I find it even more interesting that it was he
who taught me a while back to go to google groups to look up such stuff.

Thanks Carl for finding and posting what you found.  Now to go figure out
why I got different results than you did.  And why just now when I tried it
again I got the same results that you did.

Ok, so now you all know now that I'm easily entertained.  ;-)

My grandmother used to say the same thing, as Robert's (my husband)
grandmother must have said because he says it to the kids at appropriate
I like Matthew 7:12 too, about treating others how you want to be treated.

Thanks again,

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Hi Pam,

I'm saying that when I went to google.com and searched the "Groups", the
results were 4 hits and the second hit was Trickler
... up" never seen it before. Also shows in running programmes. "Trickler"
c:\windows\temp\fsg_tmp\ginst_001.exe any ideas please Kan
24hoursupport.helpdesk - Oct 29, 2003 by KanKaroo - View Thread (5 articles)

and when I went to the group I noticed that someone had asked the same
question you did and the answer was spyware but he did not explain why
aginst_001.exe became fsg-xxx.exe.

You mentioned in one of your emails that you like the phrase "It is a good
day when one learns something" and I think he is the guy that answered the
question about ginst_001.exe.

One of my favorite phrases is "Treat others like you want to be treated".
My grandmother use to say "If you can't say something good about a person,
don't say anything".


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> Hi Carl,
> Thanks for the information!
> Are you saying that (fsg-xxx.exe)is the same thing as ginst_001.exe?
> Either way I did find Gator on that machine and got rid of it. My son goes
> to cartoon sites and plays games.  I suppose it downloaded itself from one
> of those sites.  I have all my machines locked down so that nothing can
> install itself without my permission.  Sounds like maybe Ryan has been
> exploring settings on that machine. I know how to fix that! ha
> Pam =)

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