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  • Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 19:18:30 -0500

Not that bizarre Jan.  I recently went through a similar problem installing a 
simple puzzle demo.  It would simply freeze during install and I would have to 
CAD my way out of it.  When I did this I also ended a Windows XP application 
called WOW.EXE that is started every time you install a new program.  I was 
lucky enough in that the said program was a stand-alone so it didn't install 
DLLs into the windows folders so I got a copy of the folder and files from 
someone else and placed a folder on my harddrive and created a shortcut to the 
EXE file on my desktop.  Worked perfectly.  I've now been able to evaluate the 
program and delete the folder but not sure if I trust paying for an app that 
might not install.

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  This was a clean install.  The old eprompter was on the other computer. I
  ran search on my computer and then all files and folders to be sure I had
  deleted all the eprompter detritus, then downloaded again and attempted to

  Isn't this bizarre?


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