[pcductape] download question

  • From: "Jan L. Hodges" <siriuswriter@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 11:05:27 -0600

On my old computer I used a fabulous little program called Eprompter to keep
track of email addressed to various accounts.

But for some reason I can't install it on the new computer. I have tried
downloading from CNET, which is how I began using it on my old computer. But
it won't install. When I click the open button, the installation window
opens for about two seconds, then closes leaving the screen as it was.

I have tried downloading it through Mozilla and Opera as well as IE since I
found this helpful when downloading ebooks from a particular site that
wouldn't allow me to choose the destination for the file. Didn't work. I
even transferred the program from my old computer to the new, but it won't
The designer of the software sent me a zip file with the program, didn't
work. It is always the same thing...the installation window opens for a few
seconds, then closes and nothing further happens.

Any ideas why I can't seem to install the program on the new computer?



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