[pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 04:24:12 -0600

MessageHi Lisa,

Yes I use cable.   It's interesting that we both have the same problem with the 
same website and our internet connections are configured the same.  I have no 
problems connecting to other websites and downloading files.   My thoughts are 
that something's not quite right at hp.com.


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  Hi Carl,

    Don't feel bad, it's not your fault.  It's probably some setting that is 
not set right under Internet Options. Once I figure out what to do there, I'm 
sure it will work. Do you use cable, also?  If so, then maybe we both have our 
settings the same way, and when I find a solution, it might work for you, too. 

    I tried disabling the firewall, and it still doesn't work, so it's not 
that. I write to HP for support if I have to, though I don't think it's them, I 
think it's my internet settings. 

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    Hi Lisa,

    I feel bad.  I told you I would get you the driver and cannot.   I jump 
through the hoops (just like you did) and all the website will do is let me 
order a cd.   I then opened my PhotoSmart software and try to update it and I 
get the same errors you do;   that is, my computer cannot connect to the 
Internet.   So, I shut down the software and go back to hp.com and I did found 
a website that will let one download the software if you have the download key 
that you got when you purchased the software:
    and I don't.   My software was given to me for Christmas 4 years ago by my 
son and I cannot find the download key.   I hope you can find yours.

    I share your suggestion that my firewall is blocking the "Internet" 
settings when I attempt to update the software.   In my case I don't need the 
update because I do not use PhotoSmart (I use IrFanView) but I guess you will 
need to take down your firewall if you do not have your download key;   that 
is, I bet you could deactivate your firewall and then try the update from the 
PhotoSmart software and then when the download is finished, reactivate the 
firewall real fast before any Trojan gets in.    :-)   Or use your download key 
with your firewall on.   Or write to hp support and see what they suggest.


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      Subject: [pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

      Hi Carl,

         At this link, they tell you to buy the CD 

        But if you go through the software and try to update the software, it 
wants to connect by itself to a certain webpage. It's not working. I'm trying 
to update the software for the hp618 digital camera. 

         When I look up updating firmware and software, it brings me to this 
 which basically tells you to do it through the software itself, which doesn't 
work. It keeps telling me it can't connect to the internet. If you find it, 
please let me know!  Thank you!


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