[pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 08:42:25 -0500

There's a button at the bottom of that page to contact HP, have you done
that yet?
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> Hi Sandi,
>   I probably deleted something I needed, then. I can't do the updates
> myself.  Here is the link about it
> http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/document.jhtml?reg=&plc=&lc=en&cc=us&prodId
> =hpphotosma19577&docName=bpy60075&cat=setupper
> Step by Step Update Using Web Update Program
> NOTE: The Web Update program steps below are for Windows users only.
> Macintosh users should refer to the document "Checking, Updating, and
> installing new firmware on a Macintosh"
> Restart the computer to the Desktop.
> Connect to the Internet using the usual ISP or Network connection.
> Click Start.
> Click Programs.
> Select HP Photosmart.
> Select Photo Imaging.
> NOTE: The same Web Update program may be accessed through Photo Printing
> or Photo Imaging. Either will update the camera with the latest software
> and firmware and it is not necessary to run Web Update from both
> programs.
> Select Tools and Information.
> Select Web Update.
> Click Next (Figure 1).
> I can't do it, because it says it can't connect to the internet.  I am
> using cable, so I'm always online. I don't know how to do it, then.
> Lisa

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