[pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

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Logitech is known to install the BackWeb spyware also but are said to have
abandoned its use at this time (so why dio they leave it in their product).
Sandi, which model do you use?  I have a Kodak Easy Share camera too and if
it installed that software on my box then I got rid of it a very long time
ago and it has not affected my camera software.


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Didn't you just go through a problem with spyware?  Well guess what?  Those
updaters use a bit of spyware called BackWeb that you might  be blocking
with something.  At least that's what my Kodak camera uses.  Do the updates
yourself if you can.


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> Hi Vic,
>   Thanks for explaining Hyper threading.  I have a Pentium 4 1300 mhz
> 1.3 ghz.
>   The only way I see able to get this update is by doing it the way they
> say. I've tried from the website, and it won't let me. This is what
> happens when I try to update through the software:

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