[pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

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Hi Vic,

  Thanks for explaining Hyper threading.  I have a Pentium 4 1300 mhz
1.3 ghz.

  The only way I see able to get this update is by doing it the way they
say. I've tried from the website, and it won't let me. This is what
happens when I try to update through the software:




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In short - Hyper threading is the lates ability of Pentium 4 CPU's to
"fool" the computer into thinking you have a dual processor computer -
it is able to run many "threads" of computation at once - in effect
speeding up a lot of processes. At the moment not so many programs can
use Hyper Threading to the full.
I think it is only enabled on Intel Pentium 4 CPU's from 2.8 mghz and
- they use a different internal architecture of the CPU itself and a
newer set of internal instructions in order to enable Hyper Threading.

Try to copy the upgrade CD to your hard disk and running the upgrade
from there.

In brief - Proxy - is a set up whereby internet servers use a cache to
serve up web pages that are more commonly used - for example the google
web page is used by many many people so it would make sense to have this
page cached on the nearest web server that your ISP uses to speed up the
serving of the web page and to cut down on broadband usage. Of course
the proxy cache is renewed every so and so hours from the ISP itself. If
you are using a proxy it can make contacting a site much more difficult
for a program that is only looking for home as opposed to a web browser
which handles things differently when it knows it should look first for
a proxy cache and only after that go out to the web.

TTFN - Vic

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Hi Vic,

  Thanks for explaining bootvis. I haven't used it in a while. I think
you told me about it when I downloaded Windows SP1 (my computer was
taking forever to boot). I'm not sure what Hyper Threading is, so I
don't know if I have it?

  I'm installing the camera software from a CD.  So far it seems ok now.
But if I try to upgrade it give me a problem.  It wants to upgrade the
firmware/ software via the net.  But when it tries to connect, it says
it can't find an internet connection.  I have cable, so I'm always
online.  It asks if I use a Proxy.  I don't know what that is. The
upgrade wants to install via the net, not CD.  That is where the problem
seems to be. I disabled my dial up modem. How do I enable it again?  Not
that I need it, but you never know.  That wasn't the problem.  Thanks.


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