[pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

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Dr Watson has been around for a long time.   I guess I should take advantage of 


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  Hi Carl,

  Datatrace in the example before has to do with monitoring what goes on during 
a certain period of time and the program traces the data - hence datatrace.

  In very general terms, when you have an error message and it wants to send 
data to mummy microsoft that is good old Dr. Watson at work - Dr. Watson is 
actually a debugger and what it does is gathers all the info currently [or at 
the time of the crash] in RAM and in Windows and analyzes it and tries to 
figure out what went wrong. That is the data that is sent to mummy.

  Bootvis is in Win XP but does not run every boot - it sets [in part] the 
prefetch cache etc that enables a faster booting time for XP.

  TTFN - Vic

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  Hi Lisa,
  Hi Vic,

  I searched my computer running Windows XP and could not find bootvis.exe so I 
concluded it is not a file necessary for xp.   So, I go to the website for 
bootvis at:
and I read that:
  "The boot optimization routines invoked by Bootvis.exe are built into Windows 
  So, I have to ask why bother with bootvis.exe in the 1st place.

  Vic, thanks for explaining data trace.   Is that also what we see when an 
error occurs and the software has to shut down and when it does, a small window 
pops up, asking if I want to send a report to Microsoft and if I say yes, then 
it gives an error message where more information can be obtained (sometimes).

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    Carl - Lisa,

    Forget about bootvis - it is only a program used to diagnose booting times 
and c lean out the prefetch folder in Win 2K and XP. It only runs when you tell 
it to and does not run all the time, besides it is only an exe file and 
therefore the uninstall is just a delete or name-change [if you want to keep 
the program but want to avoid it being used. inadvertently. Carl, a data trace 
is just that - it is not something that changes the way a comp works but rather 
a log of what goes on, besides I think Lisa's comp doesn't have Hyper Threading.

    As for your explorer issues, could be any of a million things - hard to 
diagnose at this point.

    As for the install - how are you installing this software - direct from the 
net, or from a CD or from an installation package on your comp.

    Let me know

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