[pcductape] Re: digital camera software / RUNTIME ERROR?

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MessageHi Lisa,   

I'm interested in that RegVac software.  Is it free?
You need to do following to determine what is causing your Runtime error:
Go Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, and on 
the left side of the tree, click on Application and on the right side of the 
tree is a red x and put your cursor on it and right click and select 
"Properties" and copy the Description of the problem and send back to this 
group in an email message.


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  Hi Carl,

    I fixed the problem.  I uninstalled the program again.  Ran RegVac to make 
sure that all files and entries are gone, then re-installed but this time to my 
C drive. It's working- I was able to download my pictures.  I wanted to upgrade 
the firmware / software too, but can't get that to work.  I use cable modem, 
and I  think it's looking for a dial up connection to get the files from the 
internet.  You can't seem to get the files from the website.  They tell you to 
do it this way. Now, when I try to update  the firmware/ software, it says 
Runtime error.  What does that mean? Thanks. 

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    Hi Lisa,

    I have a suggestion that may or maynot work and that is to download the 
latest driver from hp.com for the hp618 and also download the instructions for 
that driver and follow the instructions to a T.

    However, having said that I will confess that I have a digital Kodak DC280 
that worked great in Windows 98 & Windows ME but will not work in Windows XP.   
There are so many things I need to do in my life that a silly computer problem 
has to be prioritized and this particular problem is way low on my list because 
I can go down the street to Walmart and get all my photos put on a cd for $3.57 
and that saves my printer, ink and paper costs.  Before Walmart I was spending 
a lot of time loading photos onto my computer and then doing the printing for 
family;  that kill a lot of time in my day.   So, what is my time worth?  Now, 
I just make a copy of the Walmart disk off my CDRW software for my family and 
everybody is happy.   I believe that when I try to do something and the 
destination is blocked, then my Lord is telling me or causing me to go a 
different route and that's what I did in the case of the digital camera.   My 
angel told me so.

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      Subject: [pcductape] digital camera software

      I have an hp618 digital camera.  After I did all of the Windows Updates 
and uninstalled some software (I kept all of the shared files) the software 
doesn't seem to be working.  The USB port is on my monitor.  The monitor has 4 
USB ports.  I unplugged it and plugged it in again, uninstalled the software 
and reinstalled (though I put it on my D drive this time to save some room on 
the C drive).  It still doesn't work anymore.  I get an error and then it says 
it can't connect to the camera.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. 
Should I uninstall again and then reinstall to my C drive? 

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