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MessageHi Lisa,

I don't think your monitor is the problem;  what ever that problem is?   What 
did the message say when you placed your cursor on those little "i"s and right 
click and then click on properties?   You did say you are using Windows XP?


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  That's possible- when I checked stuff under System Information, something 
looked weird under monitor.  Do the little "i" s mean something is wrong? There 
is s question mark next to monitor. My printer information is similar.  Let me 
know if I should update the drivers, and where to get them from. Thank you!


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      The USB port is on my monitor.  The monitor has 4 USB ports.  

        Do you maybe need to update the drivers for the monitor? 
        Do you have USB ports somewhere on your tower / desktop that you could 
check your camera out that way? 

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