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MessageHi Vic,

Thanks for the explanation of the "i"s.   I did not know that.   Thanks for the 
explanation of AIDA 32.  I am using an emachine and it has a built in feature 
that does the same thing as AIDA 32 (I think).   It is a program called BigFix 
and it use to pop up every so often.  I turned it off.   


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  See, one of the reasons I don't like Norton's - when it doesn't work it just 
causes havoc. But in any case - it is accepted "in computerese" that a little 
blue icon with an i inside means "more information available" . What that 
normally means is if you hover with your mouse or click on the subject you 
should recieve more info about that subject in some way. Seems to me that isn't 
working to well. The question mark in Norton Systemwork probably means that it 
does not know what monitor you are using - and not that there is a problem with 
the monitor.

  Personally I use and recommend AIDA 32 as the system info program to use - it 
is free and very comprehensive and is updated every couple of months.
  http://www.aida32.hu/aida32.php  and screenshots are at 

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