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Hi there,
The term winmodems is only for internal modems - coined from Linux/Unix as
these were deemed "windows" modems and until a while ago almost impossible
to use under those OS's. Back then [not so long ago either] to run a modem
on Linux it had to be an external one.
The so called barrier of the cable to serial port from the external modem is
non existent nowadays - a serial port can run at way above the speed your
telephone line can send on so that is not an issue [ it was way back but no
Read this for a laugh and note the speed of the comm port - 115200   !!!!!!
and look at this page for a comparison of port speeds - note that the max
for a serial port is 230Kbps  !!!!!  Way beyond a tel line.
As for your claim that external modems use more CPU cycles than an internal
one - how exactly?, as they are not in connection to the CPU????  As
oppossed to an internal modem that sits on the mobo alongside the CPU ???


TTFN - Vic

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Personally, I have always preferred external modems 

Personal preferences are usually based upon good experience with the item in
question.  I worked with several modems in the "good old days" and while the
external modems were usually superior to internal ones - - - that changed as
the computer "Bus speeds" increased. As I understand it - - -While all
telephone modems are limited by their ability to transmit over telehone
lines, the input speeds of external modems were limited to the (serial)
transmission speed from the computer to the external modem over the
connecting cable.  When CPU bus speeds increased dramatically, the external
modems could not keep up with the input speed of the internal modems.
Unfortunately, some modem manufacturers  (prodded by cpu builders) were able
to reduce their costs by allowing the processors to take over many of their
functions - - - thereby reducing their effective speed.  You can usually
tell these modems by the terms "WinModems" or  "Windows Compatible"
statements on the box they come in. 

And that, is my understanding of telephone modems.

Jupiter Matt 

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