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Hi Vic,
The way it was explained to me was that a hardware modem does most of it's
work on the card itself.  A software modem does most of it's work via the
software itself.  Both are cards, of course.
Nice pic, so tell us what kind of work you do.  =)

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  Scott -

  I have never in my life heard of a software modem - show me one !!!!!
{software means a program only]
  There is no such thing - even a modem on a mobo is still a hardware modem.
  ALL modems use software to "translate" the signals sent and received.

  The only two dial-up modems that there are are either internal or
external. Internal modems use some of the CPU cycles of your computer.
External modems do not because they are not attached to your motherboard.

  And yes - a card , any type of computer card that sits in any type of
slot, is hardware - not software by any definition you like.

  AFAIK, modems used by ISP's are racked modems - many modems in line - we
have two pairs of  racks of them here. Each modem card contains 5 modems -
i.e. connected to five separate tel lines. Each rack holds 15 modem cards.

  (New Cisco Routers on left, USR Total Control modem bank and Annex 4000 on

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